Sunday, 28 April 2013


Ventimiglia is a small town by the sea. It is very caotic ( you can't image how much! ) and it is about 130 km. from where I live.
I don't know the reasons why I like it, because is far from being perfect...but there is a nice garden in the center with many palm trees.

There is a daily market where they sell fruit, vegetables

and beautiful, fragrant  flowers.

There are cafes ( but a few have wi fi ) and people coming from all parts of Italy...

 ...and finally  a long promenade where you can walk!
Perhaps is the constant colourful confusion that reigns there, and its friendly inhabitants what make me feel always at ease !


  1. Dan, I love your blog and I like your style
    Venitmiglia seems nice and quiet.
    A perfect place to walk around and feel comfortable
    Thanks for commenting on my blog

  2. Hi Curra, you are welcome! And thanks for your kind words. . .

  3. I was in Ventimiglia years ago, I remember pretty, and I remember I bought a beautiful fruit stall on the street. You made me remember, thanks. I like your skirt.

    1. Yes, fresh fruit and vegetables is something never lacks in Ventimiglia!

  4. It looks like a fun place to spend the day...

  5. I have been in Ventimiglia as well. We used to spend many, many vacations in a small town near Nice (Cagnes-sur-Mer)and went for trips. To Monte Carlo too and once to Ventimiglia. Indeed a very nice town.
    Is that a skirt with blouse you are wearing or a dress? Very elegant, very Italian (in my view of Italians..classy, very well dressed, creative).

  6. I know the places you name: they all are very beautiful.
    In the photo I am wearing a dress (an Italian brand, Malìparmi ) for your must be a lucky day!

  7. Your pictures make me anxious for the farm markets to start opening around here, I look forward to the fresh vegetables and fruit. Thanks for stopping by my blog too!